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Every Cookie Has a Story

It didn't take us long after moving to Arizona to gain an appreciation for the desert life beyond a picture with a saguaro on some hike my wife found on the alltrails app. Over the years, we slowly learned about how the wildlife and native plants not only survive in such a dry, hot climate but thrive. When family and friends from out of state come to visit, we can't help but rattle off as many fun facts that we know about the desert from how long it takes a saguaro to grow an arm, or the smell after a rain comes from the creosote bush. Or tell stories of the first time we saw a gila monster, a tarantula, or a pregnant rattlesnake. To some, the desert sounds scary and even brutal, but there's nothing like experiencing a super bloom after a drought or the sounds of coyotes cheering  while sitting around a campfire with your friends. I wanted to express this newfound respect in the best way possible, which happens to be in the form of a round, warm, yummy treat.

We have always enjoyed eating cookies, and that required making cookies. As more and more cookies were made, the quality of the product increased - so did the love for baking them. Pretty soon, it became a letdown if I didn't bring a fresh batch of my homemade cookies to our social gatherings. Years went by and the dream to do this as a career was always there, but suppressed. While enjoying dinner at a sushi restaurant, we decided to go for it. It was there that the idea was created; let's bake our cookies while drawing inspiration from the desert. We grabbed a napkin, wrote down our ideas and designed our logo. It is cliche to say that our business started on a napkin- but it kinda did!

Here at DESSERTED BAKERY, we love to make cookies. We love the aromas they bring to your home. We love the warmth of every bite. We love the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a homemade cookie with a glass of milk. Why not combine those feelings with the feelings we get from experiencing the beautiful desert?


At DESSERTED BAKERY, we are committed to providing a high quality product to all of our customers. One that embraces the unique creativity of our kitchen, while exploding with amazing flavor combinations. We are confident that our cookies will be more than just a sweet dessert you enjoy after dinner, but rather, a culinary creation that inspires with every bite. It is possible, that a variety of very diverse ingredients can come together to create perfection.

We love to take on new ideas, so if you have an idea for a cookie, head on over to the "contact us" page and let us know what to bake!

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